5 S’s Scriptures – Solutions- Skills- Strategies = Solid Profit Gains

Motto: "Who is in your Rolodex ?" God, Abraham, Ruth, Job Rahab, Peter, Esther,etc."
Who Will This Course Help?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofits, dreamers, you have an idea, and hobbyists, around the world who desire to step out on faith and bring their passion on the local, state, national, and global marketplace.

What Will I Learn?

The best business practices, knowledge, and tools that have been proven results for long term growth opportunities, partnerships, and collaboration through biblical principles for small businesses and nonprofits. 

What Is This Course About?

The teaching of God's word and dedication to you to seek him first in everything including our business so that we can grow and prosper all of our days on earth. We do this by understanding and applying his teaching into our business from the day we decide to move forward into the business world, through our state-up stage, mature stage, expansion stage, and legacy stage. You will learn how to align your business up with God's purpose for your business to serve others with your gifts.